US Youth Soccer

Directions for Interstate Player Permission Registration and Payment

All South Carolina residents wishing to register and play in North Carolina need to complete this form.
(All North Carolina players wishing to register and play in South Carolina need to work through the NC State Office.)

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Shultz, 843-928-3677.

To Register
Click Registration - blue tab at top of page

If you have used this process before put in your username and password.

Creating a new household
If this is your first time, Click Create New Account. This creates the parent's account.

Fill in all required boxes that have a red asterisk or are highlighted in yellow. Password must be 7 or 8 characters and must include at least 1 capital letter and 1 number.

Adding a player to household
Click Save & Continue,

Click Add New Player and add player information and click continue (make sure player's name matches what is shown on the player's birth certificate),

Click register as player

Click Do Not have Assigned Code

Select recreation for play level (only option). [It does not matter what you play in NC this is just to register you and release you to NC]

Upload Birth Certificate
Click on "Click here to show photo or certificate"

Then click on the "click to upload bc" and upload (must be a jpeg or pdf file and less that 4MB). [Once the birth certificate is in the system you will not need to upload again]

Answer Country of Birth, Country of Citizenship and Has played outside the US

Save and next page if only 1 player to register; Save and Register Another if more than 1 player in family.

Click the check box to okay that you read the concussion protocol and the medical release and then click "Agree and Continue"

Once the player has been created your payment must be done (either by credit card or echeck).

Once you have completed you are registered and can be released to NC.